Renewable energy and decarbonization in the Canadian mining industry: Opportunities and challenges


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Issa, M., Ilinca, A., Rousse, D. R., Boulon, L. et Groleau, P. (2023). Renewable energy and decarbonization in the Canadian mining industry: Opportunities and challenges. Energies, 16 (19). Article 6967. ISSN 1996-1073 DOI 10.3390/en16196967

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Mining in Canada stands as one of the most energy-intensive sectors, playing a pivotal role as a significant provider of copper, nickel, and cobalt to the international market. Anticipated growth in the global population, coupled with the transition of several low-income economies to middle-income status, is poised to escalate the demand for essential raw materials. This surge in demand is expected to drive an increase in energy consumption across various stages of the Canadian mining industry, encompassing exploration, extraction, processing, and refining. Due to their geographical constraints, most Canadian mining operations rely heavily on fossil fuels such as diesel and heavy fuel. Considering the global shift towards decarbonization and the pursuit of net-zero emission targets, exploring avenues for adopting electrification solutions and integrating renewable energy technologies, particularly in sizable surface mines, is imperative. Within this context, our study delves into the challenges and prospects associated with infusing renewable energy technologies and embracing electrification alternatives within Canadian mining practices. This exploration encompasses a comprehensive review of pertinent literature comprising academic research, technical analyses, and data disseminated by international entities and experts. The findings underscore a prevalent trend wherein Canadian mining enterprises are prominently investing in robust electric truck fleets, particularly for heavy-duty operations. Additionally, incorporating renewable energy solutions is notably prevalent in remote sites with extended operational lifespans. However, an in-depth examination reveals that the most formidable hurdles encompass successfully integrating renewable energy sources and battery electric vehicles. Financial constraints, logistical intricacies, and the imperative to enhance research and development competencies emerge as pivotal challenges that demand strategic addressing.

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