Laboratory and field measurements of nail guns' noise emission


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Gaudreau, M.-A., Laville, F., Marcotte, P. et Boutin, J. (2016). Laboratory and field measurements of nail guns' noise emission. Canadian Acoustics - Acoustique Canadienne, 44 (3). pp. 250-251. ISSN 0711-6659

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Field measurements and laboratory measurements using EN 12549 was presented. The rig was held in a small comfortable backpack and even if the sensors were wired to the acquisition card, the worker could work without obstruction. Between 8 and 12 trials of 10 impacts were recorded for each nailer/worker combination. Eight framing nailers and two roofing nailers were tested in the laboratory under controlled conditions as per the EN 12549 standard. From this standard, three operators were required to perform five trials of 10 nails each, with each trial lasting a period of 30 seconds. The measures were performed in a semi anechoic room where both the sound power and the sound pressure level at the worker?s ear were measured. Concerning the EN 12549 standard, it seems appropriate in order to perform representative workplace ranking of nailers following their sound power level values. Concerning the reduction of workers? noise exposure, the battery operated nailer stands out as the best choice as its level is at least 6 dBs lower than any other tested nailer in both lab and field measurements.

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