Exploring the professionalization of respiratory therapy in Canada


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Zaccagnini, M., Bussières, A., Nugus, P., West, A. et Thomas, A. (2021). Exploring the professionalization of respiratory therapy in Canada. Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy : CJRT, 57 . pp. 129-137. ISSN 1205-9838 2368-6820 DOI 10.29390/cjrt-2021-046

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Knowledge is believed to be essential in the evolution from occupation to profession and is valuable to a profession in three ways: it can influence the profession's legitimacy, it can be used for conducting research, and it promotes higher education. RTs possess jurisdictional professional autonomy within Canada. The privilege of self-regulation allows RTs to act according to their knowledge and judgement without direct oversight from other professions. CONCLUSION: Based on Abbott's theoretical position, RTs can rightly justify their position as professionals. However, RTs need to acknowledge that professionalization is a dynamic and continuous process that requires creative changes to innovate within the profession and support future efforts to reinforce their position as professionals. Throughout this paper, we offer suggestions for how RTs can contribute to the ongoing professionalization of respiratory therapy.

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