Kraft, BCTMP, and TMP dewatering behaviour along the axis of a screw press


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El Idrissi, B., Loranger, E., Lanouette, R., Bousquet, J. P. et Martinez, M. (2020). Kraft, BCTMP, and TMP dewatering behaviour along the axis of a screw press. BioResources, 15 (1). pp. 1282-1297. ISSN 1930-2126

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The drainage-and dewatering-controlling mechanisms in a screw press were detailed in this work. Three pulps (kraft pulp, bleached chemithermomechanical pulp, and thermomechanical pulp) were studied to compare a wide range of wood fibre types. The dewatering was controlled by the screw press parameters and the pulps' properties. Filtration was found to be the controlling mechanism in the first part of the screw press for the three pulps, and it was less important when the fines content was greater. In the compression zone, the degree of compression was affected by the pulp flexibility and the fibres' tendency to entangle. Filtrate flow rate monitoring along the screw press could be a good indicator of where the transition from filtration to consolidation occurs. The pressure along the screw press did not change much in the filtration zone, and it notably increased near the discharge end. When the drainage was very high, the pulp feed increased, causing the pulp axial velocity in the end part to be greater than the screw's linear advance. © 2020, North Carolina State University.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: axial distribution dewatering pressure profile screw press transition point wood pulp Kraft pulp presses (machine tools) screws thermomechanical pulp wood axial velocity bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulps compression zones controlling mechanism fines content rate monitoring wood fibre thermomechanical pulping process compression control systems filtration pulps water removal
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