Modelling of dewatering wood pulp in a screw press using statistical and multivariate analysis


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El Idrissi, B., Loranger, E., Lanouette, R., Bousquet, J. P. et Martinez, M. (2020). Modelling of dewatering wood pulp in a screw press using statistical and multivariate analysis. BioResources, 15 (3). pp. 5899-5912. ISSN 1930-2126

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Statistical modeling of a screw press was established by using an experimental design based on the screw rotational speed, the pulp feed consistency, the pulp feed suspension freeness, the inlet pressure, and the counter-pressure at the discharge end. The statistical models showed that the screw press outputs for each pulp could be predicted. When including all data in a global model to predict the outputs of the press for any pulp, a global statistical model was found not to be efficient by using just the five fixed parameters. The solution to this problem was to use a multivariate analysis to include more parameters, mainly about the fiber characteristics (crowding factor, fiber length, fiber width, and fines content). By including these fiber properties, the differences between each pulp were more properly analyzed. The multivariate analysis predicted the press outsets very well in a global model by using eight parameters instead of five. The R2 values of the multivariate prediction model were all higher than 0.70 and had the goodness of prediction (Q2) higher than 0.60. © 2020 North Carolina State University.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: dewatering multivariate analysis screw press statistical modeling wood pulp fibers forecasting predictive analytics presses (machine tools) pulp materials screws counter pressure crowding factors fiber characteristics fiber properties multi variate analysis prediction model rotational speed multivariant analysis analysis feeds forecasts parameters pressure pulps
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Dernière modification: 01 juill. 2021 15:06
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