Making security glazing from modified TEMPO oxidized nanofibers and poly vinylbutyral


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Lassoued, Mariem, Crispino, Frank et Loranger, Éric (2021). Making security glazing from modified TEMPO oxidized nanofibers and poly vinylbutyral. Cellulose . ISSN 1572-882X DOI 10.1007/s10570-021-03761-6

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Safety glazing is a type of laminated glazing that holds together when shattered, due to the presence of an interlayer usually made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). It is widely used in industrial application where the glazing could fall, or become a projectile to avoid serious injuries to humans after an impact with a foreign object. To replace the PVB, we have developed a modified cellulose nanofibers (NFC) by grafting poly(glycidyl methacrylate) with glycerol addition. This modification has improved the NFC pure performance as well as their compatibility with polar polymers. Therefore, this study reports the preparation and characterization of laminated glazing with composites of PVB reinforced with 40, 50 and 70% by weight of modified NFC. Composites interlayers are very transparent (up to 93% light transmission) with an interesting light character (up to 18.72% weight loss) in comparison to a PVB interlayer only. The chosen laminated glazing have been characterized by quasi-static (three-point bending) and dynamic impact loading (drop weight test). The quasi-static show the force–displacement curves of glazing while the dynamic testing give the energy absorption capability and maximum impact force. In our testing, the glazing with modified NFC have shown increased mechanical properties. Moreover, the laminated glazing made with an interlayer reinforced with 40% NFC exhibits the highest impact properties with a maximum force at break of 36,270 N and 24.81 J of absorbed energy. This study has shown that the modified NFC is indeed a lighter and environment-friendlier alternative for laminated glazing.

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