Mentoring for entrepreneurs: a boost or a crutch? Long-term effect of mentoring on self-efficacy


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St-Jean, É. et Tremblay, M. (2020). Mentoring for entrepreneurs: a boost or a crutch? Long-term effect of mentoring on self-efficacy. International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship, 38 (5). pp. 424-448. ISSN 0266-2426 1741-2870 DOI 10.1177/0266242619901058

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This study focuses on whether a mentor can facilitate the development of entrepreneurial self-efficacy particularly with regard to opportunity recognition (ESE-OR) for novice entrepreneurs and whether their level of learning goal orientation (LGO) has a moderating effect. Based on a sample of 219 mentees and a longitudinal follow-up for 106 of these respondents, the results show that mentoring supports the development of ESE-OR, but only for low LGO mentees. Furthermore, the effect of mentoring on ESE-OR for low LGO mentees is ephemeral as it decreases once the relationship ends. This suggests the need for long-term support in order to maintain their ESE-OR high throughout the entrepreneurial endeavour. At the opposite end, high-LGO mentees see their ESE-OR slightly decline in an intense mentoring relationship suggesting that mentoring helps to adjust ESE-OR to a more appropriate level for novice entrepreneurs. © The Author(s) 2020.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: entrepreneurial self-efficacy INRPME learning goal orientation mentoring opportunity recognition
Date de dépôt: 30 mars 2020 22:15
Dernière modification: 07 mars 2022 14:15
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