Effector biology during biotrophic invasion of plant cells


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Chaudhari, P., Ahmed, B., Joly, D. L. et Germain, H. (2014). Effector biology during biotrophic invasion of plant cells. Virulence, 5 (7). pp. 703-709. ISSN 2150-5594 2150-5608 DOI 10.4161/viru.29652

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Several obligate biotrophic phytopathogens, namely oomycetes and fungi, invade and feed on living plant cells through specialized structures known as haustoria. Deploying an arsenal of secreted proteins called effectors, these pathogens balance their parasitic propagation by subverting plant immunity without sacrificing host cells. Such secreted proteins, which are thought to be delivered by haustoria, conceivably reprogram host cells and instigate structural modifications, in addition to the modulation of various cellular processes. As effectors represent tools to assist disease resistance breeding, this short review provides a bird’s eye view on the relationship between the virulence function of effectors and their subcellular localization in host cells. © 2014 Landes Bioscience.

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