MOS11: A new component in the mRNA export pathway


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Germain, H., Na, Q., Cheng, Y. T., Lee, E., Huang, Y., Dong, O. X., Gannon, P., Huang, S., Ding, P., Li, Y., Sack, F., Zhang, Y. et Li, X. (2010). MOS11: A new component in the mRNA export pathway. PLoS Genetics, 6 (12). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1553-7390 1553-7404 DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1001250

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Nucleocytoplasmic trafficking is emerging as an important aspect of plant immunity. The three related pathways affecting plant immunity include Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS)-mediated nuclear protein import, Nuclear Export Signal (NES)-dependent nuclear protein export, and mRNA export relying on MOS3, a nucleoporin belonging to the Nup107-160 complex. Here we report the characterization, identification, and detailed analysis of Arabidopsis modifier of snc1, 11 (mos11). Mutations in MOS11 can partially suppress the dwarfism and enhanced disease resistance phenotypes of snc1, which carries a gain-of-function mutation in a TIR-NB-LRR type Resistance gene. MOS11 encodes a conserved eukaryotic protein with homology to the human RNA binding protein CIP29. Further functional analysis shows that MOS11 localizes to the nucleus and that the mos11 mutants accumulate more poly(A) mRNAs in the nucleus, likely resulting from reduced mRNA export activity. Epistasis analysis between mos3-1 and mos11-1 revealed that MOS11 probably functions in the same mRNA export pathway as MOS3, in a partially overlapping fashion, before the mRNA molecules pass through the nuclear pores. Taken together, MOS11 is identified as a new protein contributing to the transfer of mature mRNA from the nucleus to the cytosol. © 2010 Germain et al.

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