The longevity protein klotho: A promising tool to monitor lifestyle improvements


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Paquette, J.-S., Rhéaume, C., Cordeau, P., Moulin, J.-A., Audet-Walsh, E., Blanchette, V., Drouin-Chartier, J.-P., Toi, A.-K. et Tremblay, A. (2023). The longevity protein klotho: A promising tool to monitor lifestyle improvements. Metabolites, 13 (11). p. 1157. ISSN 2218-1989 DOI 10.3390/metabo13111157

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Aging is not a disease; it is a natural evolution of human physiology. Medical advances have extended our life expectancy, but chronic diseases and geriatric syndrome continue to affect the increasingly aging population. Yet modern medicine perpetuates an approach based on treatment rather than prevention and education. In order to help solve this ever-growing problem, a new discipline has emerged: lifestyle medicine. Nutrition, physical activity, stress management, restorative sleep, social connection, and avoidance of risky substances are the pillars on which lifestyle medicine is founded. The aim of this discipline is to increase healthspan and reduce the duration of morbidity by making changes to our lifestyle. In this review, we propose the use of klotho protein as a novel biomarker for lifestyle medicine in order to quantify and monitor the health status of individuals, as no integrative tool currently exists.

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