Towards a conceptual framework for customer intelligence in the era of big data


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Dam, N. A. K., Le Dinh, T. et Menvielle, W. (2021). Towards a conceptual framework for customer intelligence in the era of big data. International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies (IJIIT), 17 (4). pp. 64-80. ISSN 1548-3657 DOI 10.4018/IJIIT.289968

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The dominance of services and service-based products in today's economy highlights the significance of customer intelligence for service offerings. Furthermore, the revolution of big data has generated a vast amount of customer data and reshaped the dimensions of organization, management, and technology within enterprises. The big data era also acknowledges the role of customers for value co-creation. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to propose a service-based framework for customer intelligence in the age of big data, hereafter called the SBCI framework, from the design science and service science approach. It laid the groundwork upon design science; the SBCI framework is proposed with the detailed artefacts, including construct, model, method, and instantiation. The framework also reflects service science through the three levels: 1) the network of service systems level for service proposal, 2) the service system level for service creation, and 3) the service level for service operation.

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Mots-clés libres: Big data Conceptual framework Customer co-creation Customer insights Customer intelligence Design science Digital transformation Service science INRPME
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