Marketing intelligence from data mining perspective : A literature review


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Dam, N., Le Dinh, T. et Menvielle, W. (2019). Marketing intelligence from data mining perspective : A literature review. International Journal of Innovation Management and Technology, 10 (5). pp. 184-190. ISSN 2010-0248 DOI 10.18178/ijimt.2019.10.5.859

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The digital transformation enables enterprises to mine big data for marketing intelligence on markets, customers, products, and competitor. However, there is a lack of a comprehensive literature review on this issue. With an aim to support enterprises to accelerate the digital transformation and gain competitive advantages through exploiting marketing intelligence from big data, this paper examines the literature in the period from 2001–2018. Consequently, 76 most relevant articles are analyzed based on four marketing intelligence components (Markets, Customers, Products, and Competitors) and six data mining models (Association, Classification, Clustering, Regression, Prediction, and Sequence Discovery). The findings of this study indicate that the research area of product and customer intelligence receives most research attention. This paper also provides a roadmap to guide future research on bridging marketing and information systems through the application of data mining to exploit marketing intelligence from big data.

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