Fatigue task-dependent effect on spatial distribution of lumbar muscles activity


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Marineau-Bélanger, É., Vaurs, M., Roy, J., O'Shaughnessy, J., Descarreaux, M. et Abboud, J. (2023). Fatigue task-dependent effect on spatial distribution of lumbar muscles activity. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology . Article 102837. ISSN 1050-6411 DOI 10.1016/j.jelekin.2023.102837

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This study aims to identify how spatial distribution of lumbar muscle activity is modulated by different fatigue tasks. Twenty healthy adults performed two different isometric trunk extension endurance tasks (the modified Sorensen test and the inverted modified Sorensen test) until exhaustion. During these tasks, bilateral superficial lumbar muscle activity was recorded using high-density electromyography. The spatial distribution of activation within these muscles was obtained using the centroid coordinates in the medio-lateral and cranio-caudal directions. The effects of task and endurance time (left and right sides) were investigated using repeated measures ANOVA. Results revealed a significant lateral shift of the centroid throughout the fatigue tasks on both sides and no difference between tasks. Significant task x time interaction effects were found for the cranio-caudal direction on both sides showing a significantly more caudal location of the centroid in the modified Sorensen test compared to the inverted test at the beginning of the tasks. Our findings suggest that spatial distribution of lumbar muscle activity is task-dependent in a pre-fatigue stage while an alternative but similar muscle recruitment strategy is used in both tasks to maintain performance in the later stages of muscle fatigue.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: High-density EMG Erector spinae Motor variability Sorensen test
Date de dépôt: 04 déc. 2023 13:19
Dernière modification: 04 déc. 2023 13:19
Version du document déposé: Post-print (version corrigée et acceptée)
URI: https://depot-e.uqtr.ca/id/eprint/11047

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