On the nature, predictors, and outcomes of longitudinal work passion profiles


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Gillet, N., Morin, A. J. S., Austin, S., Fernet, C., Huyghebaert-Zouaghi, T. et Vallerand, R. J. (2023). On the nature, predictors, and outcomes of longitudinal work passion profiles. Motivation Science . ISSN 2333-8113 2333-8121 DOI 10.1037/mot0000307

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Based on the dualistic model of passion, this study relies on person-centered analyses to assess how harmonious passion and obsessive passion for work combine within specific profiles of employees. We also documented the stability of these profiles over time and their associations with theoretically relevant predictors and outcomes, among a sample of 442 employees who completed a questionnaire twice over a period of 3 months. Finally, we examined whether these associations differed as a function of working remotely or onsite. Four profiles were identified and found to be highly stable over time: harmonious passion dominant, obsessive passion dominant, mixed passion-average, and low passion. Work centrality, family orientation, and supervisor expectations regarding work-related messages were all found to be related to employees’ likelihood of membership into the profiles in a way that generally supported our hypotheses. Moreover, and as expected, the harmonious passion dominant profile was associated with the highest levels of work–family enrichment, family–work enrichment, and job and life satisfaction. Lastly, none of these associations differed among employees working onsite or remotely.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: Work passion Work–family interface Latent profile analyses Satisfaction Off-job time
Date de dépôt: 25 sept. 2023 14:35
Dernière modification: 22 mai 2024 16:24
Version du document déposé: Post-print (version corrigée et acceptée)
URI: https://depot-e.uqtr.ca/id/eprint/10865

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