Design, development, and evaluation of a PV_Bio-Gen range extender for an off-road electric vehicle


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Ghobadpour, A., Mousazadeh, H., Kelouwani, S., Malvajerdi, A. S. et Rafiee, S. (2020). Design, development, and evaluation of a PV_Bio-Gen range extender for an off-road electric vehicle. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, 10 (1). pp. 388-399. ISSN 1309-0127 DOI 10.20508/ijrer.v10i1.10405.g7885

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Transformation from fossil fuels to clean energy is necessary due to the stricter environmental protection policies. Drivetrain hybridization by green energy sources seems to be an appropriate solution in farm applications. However, some constraints are raised, e.g., the low energy density of renewable energy sources and the long recharging time of batteries. Hence, the objective of this work is to suggest an Extended-Range Solar Assist Plug-In Hybrid Electric Tractor (E-RSAPHT) via a combination of a photovoltaic (PV) system and a biogas fuelled engine generator set (Bio-Gen) with a battery pack. Due to multi-power sources, a heuristic control strategy is proposed to split the generated powers while considering the extend daily operation hours. Moreover, some field measurements are conducted to define typical working cycles for farm hybrid vehicle application. Considering these points, the modelling, simulation and development of the E-RSAPHT are presented in this paper. Experimental results showed that the proposed system could improve energy autonomy and fuel efficiency. For typically evaluated toolbars, the operation ranges of the trailer, boom-type sprayer, and water-pump system were extended up to 292, 255, and 320% compared to the base battery-electric tractor, respectively. The conducted investigations illustrate that even for a 2100kg electric farm vehicle, a downsized 4.4kW Bio-Gen allows the hybrid-electric system to supply the power demand compared to the conventional system by using the internal combustion engine.

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Mots-clés libres: Hybrid Electric Tractor Working cycle Photovoltaic Biogas fueled engine generator
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