An investigation into the energy-efficient motion of autonomous wheeled mobile robots


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Mohammadpour, M., Zeghmi, L., Kelouwani, S., Gaudreau, M.-A., Amamou, A. et Graba, M. (2021). An investigation into the energy-efficient motion of autonomous wheeled mobile robots. Energies, 14 (12). p. 3517. ISSN 1996-1073 DOI 10.3390/en14123517

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In recent years, the use of electric Autonomous Wheeled Mobile Robots (AWMRs) has dramatically increased in transport of the production chain. Generally, AWMRs must operate for several hours on a single battery charge. Since the energy density of the battery is limited, energy efficiency becomes a key element in improving material transportation performance during the manufacturing process. However, energy consumption is influenced by the navigation stages, because the type of motion necessary for the AWMR to perform during a mission is totally defined by these stages. Therefore, this paper analyzes methods of energy efficiency that have been studied recently for AWMR navigation stages. The selected publications are classified into planning and motion control categories in order to identify research gaps. Unlike other similar studies, this work focuses on these methods with respect to their implications for the energy consumption of AWMRs. In addition, by using an industrial Self-Guided Vehicle (SGV), we illustrate the direct influence of the motion planning stage on global energy consumption by means of several simulations and experiments. The results indicate that the reaction of the SGV in response to unforeseen obstacles can affect the amount of energy consumed. Hence, energy constraints must be considered when developing the motion planning of AWMRs.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: Autonomous wheeled mobile robots Dynamic Energy efficiency Motion planning Navigation Self-guided vehicles
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