Parent-to-parent advice: What can we learn by listening to parents of deaf children


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Flowers, L., Duchesne, L. et Gaucher, C. (2022). Parent-to-parent advice: What can we learn by listening to parents of deaf children. Societies, 12 (6). p. 152. ISSN 2075-4698 DOI 10.3390/soc12060152

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Parent-to-parent support is an important component of early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) programs for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children. In this study, we asked parents of DHH children what advice they would give to new parents in their situation. Seventy-one hearing parents of DDH children living in Canada, Switzerland, France, and Belgium participated in interviews that included the following question: “What advice you would give to parents who just learned that their child is deaf?”. We performed a thematic analysis and developed three overarching themes, revolving around the importance of trust, the need for reassurance, and finally, the quest for help. The findings allow to better understand how parental expertise can be used to improve early intervention services for DHH children.

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