OHS-related risks in an industry 4.0 manufacturing plant


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Ben Aziza, M. N., Badri, A. et Chihi, F. (2020). OHS-related risks in an industry 4.0 manufacturing plant. Dans : Hussain, C. M. et Di Sia, P., (eds.) Handbook of smart materials, technologies, and devices: applications of industry 4.0. Springer, ISBN 9783030586751

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The concept of industry 4.0 is taking more and more interest among academicians and practitioners. This concept appeared under several names and visions but for about the same purpose: improve productivity and flexibility, as part of ongoing attempts to produce goods within high quality and diversity requirements, while being the most efficient. The changeover toward the industry 4.0 era is not risk-free. Safety, which is a big priority for manufacturers, is one of the aspects that should be seriously considered, during all the steps of the change. Technological development in manufacturing processes and the integration of new interactive elements and technologies such as collaborative robots (cobot), automated guided vehicles (AGV), sensors, and others can have critical consequences. Thus, it is important to consider the different threats and risks, to be well prepared for changes. There will be many big challenges. Indeed, physical, mental, and psychological safety of workers are at stake. Consequences of change are, already, a big burden. In addition to that, cyber security and information safety represent another challenge for the implementation of the industry 4.0. The insecurity-perception linked stress can cause many health issues. Therefore, to address safety concerns, it is important even vital to have a clear vision of different risks related to occupational health and safety (OHS) to which manufacturing companies must face. Moreover, because prevention is always better than cure, OHS-risk management upon industry 4.0 implementation will be a good first step to guarantee a safe workplace in the present-day and in the forthcoming.

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