Revisiting the Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale (MWMS)


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Trépanier, S.-G., Peterson, C., Gagné, M., Fernet, C., Levesque-Côté, J. et Howard, J. L. (2022). Revisiting the Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale (MWMS). European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology . ISSN 1359-432X DOI 10.1080/1359432X.2022.2116315

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This multi-sample study (5 samples) revisited the content and factor structure of the Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale (MWMS) through exploratory structural equation modelling. Specifically, the operational representation of, and the relations between, the types of behavioural regulation were investigated as was their relation to theoretical outcomes. Results suggest the removal of three problematic items and show that work motivation, as measured by the MWMS, is best represented by a factor structure reflecting autonomous motivation, introjected and external regulation as well as amotivation. Furthermore, introjected regulation is more strongly represented by its avoidance subscale, whereas the two types of external regulation (material and social) are not distinguishable. Lastly, autonomous motivation is linked to optimal employee functioning (e.g., vigor/vitality, satisfaction, lower turnover intention). The two controlled types of regulation have differentiated relations with performance, but are both linked to poor employee health and turnover intention, with (avoidance) introjected regulation being a particularly important predictor. By revisiting the content of the MWMS and cross-validating its structure in five samples, this study provides an empirically adequate representation of the types of regulation and their outcomes. Suggestions for future research aimed at improving the content of the MWMS are also offered.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: Employee health and functioning Exploratory Structural Equation Modelling (ESEM) Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale (MWMS) Self-determination theory Work motivation INRPME
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Dernière modification: 22 mai 2024 20:26
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