Beamforming for powerline interference in large sensor arrays


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Caza-Szoka, M., Massicotte, D. et Nougarou, F. (2018, June 24-27). Beamforming for powerline interference in large sensor arrays. Dans 2018 16th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS), Montreal, Canada DOI 10.1109/NEWCAS.2018.8585510.

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This paper shows how to use beamforming to remove the power-line interference (PLI) in large surface electromyography (sEMG) sensor array or high-density sEMG. The method exploits the highly correlated nature of the different sources of interference, being part of the same electrical grid, and their narrow frequency bands. The idea is to use a very narrow pass-band filter around 50 or 60 Hz to get signals with high PLI content before applying a spatial filtering by principal component analysis (PCA). This way, beamforming are done on the frequency bands where PLI are presents. Also, it ensures that even if the PLI has a smaller overall power than the desired signal, it will be easily found as the most powerful component of the decomposition. The PLI can then be removed from the signal. With trivial modification, harmonics of the PLI can also be removed. The approach was used in the context of muscle behavior analyses of low back pain patients using a sEMG array of 64 sensors. The performances of the filter are studied by experimental and semi-empirical methods. Compared to the usual notch filter, an improvement of up 10 dB is found.

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