PCA-Aided precoding for correlated MIMO broadcast channels


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Benmimoune, M., Hachemi, S., Massicotte, D. et Ahmed Ouameur, M. (2019, November 11-14). PCA-Aided precoding for correlated MIMO broadcast channels. Dans 2019 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP), Ottawa, Canada DOI 10.1109/GlobalSIP45357.2019.8969422.

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In this paper, we propose an efficient precoding solution for a correlated Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) broadcast channels. Indeed, we apply the principal component analysis (PCA) to uncorrelate (whiten) the channel prior to codeword selection. As such, the channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT), picked up through finite-rate feedback, corresponds to the uncorrelated channel version. Thus, the optimality of the approach. The simulation results compared with conventional MIMO precoders for various levels of spatial correlation as well as different receive antenna settings, show that the proposed scheme provides greater system performance enhancement in terms of sum rate.

Type de document: Document issu d'une conférence ou d'un atelier
Mots-clés libres: MIMO broadcast channel Precoding Correlated channel Principal component analysis
Date de dépôt: 09 mai 2022 19:55
Dernière modification: 09 mai 2022 19:55
URI: https://depot-e.uqtr.ca/id/eprint/10141

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